Dates: 18-21 May, 2014

Venue: Penn State University, USA

ELSI is once again appeared at ISCRAM 2014, with two sessions containing 7 papers and a panel.

Panel: Doing IT Right: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of IT-Supported Emergency Response – Moderated by Monika Buscher (Lancaster University, UK)

Monday 19 May 2014, 11:00 – 12:30, Room – Cybertorium

This panel discussed ethical, legal and social issues arising specifically in relation to the conference theme of Empowering Citizens and Communities through Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. Topics included empowerment, digital divide, transformations of professional accountability, and issues of social justice.


  • Leysia Palen – University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  • Heiko Werner – THW, Germany
  • Kush Wadhwa – Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK
  • Zeno Franco – Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

Session chair: Monika Buscher, Lancaster University, UK

Co-chair: Hayley Watson – Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK

Session 1: Paper presentations – Moderated by Monika Bushcher (Lancaster University, UK)

Monday 19 May 2014,  13:30 – 15:00,  Room – 203 IST

  • Run Amok: Group Crowd Participation in Identifying the Bomb and Bomber from the Boston Marathon Bombing, Andrea H. Tapia, Nicolas LaLone, Hyun-Woo Kim (The Pennsylvania State University, USA) (Full paper)
  • Citizen (in)security?: social media, citizen journalism and crisis response, Hayley Watson (Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK), Lemi Baruh (Koç University, Turkey), Rachel L. Finn (Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK), Salvatore Scifo (Maltepe University, Turkey) (Short paper)
  • Building a resilient community through social network: ethical considerations about the 2011 Genoa floods, Caroline Rizza (Telecom ParisTech – Institut Mines Telecom Paris, France), Ângela Guimarães Pereira (European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Italy) (Short paper)

Session 2: Short paper presentations – Moderated by Hayley Watson (Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK)

Monday 19 May 2014,  15:30 – 17:00,  Room – 203 IST

  • Banning Mobile Devices: Workplace Policies That Selectively Exclude Can Shape Crisis Communication, Keri K. Stephens, Jessica L. Ford (The University of Texas, USA)
  • Towards a theoretical framework of acceptance for surveillance systems at airports, Gabriel Bartl, Lars Gerhold, Matthias Wählisch (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
  • Cloud Ethics for Disaster Response, Monika Büscher (Lancaster University, UK), Maike Kuhnert (Dortmund University of Technology, Germany), Catherine Easton (Lancaster University, UK), Christian Wietfeld (Dortmund University of Technology, Germany), Matts Ahlsén (CNet Svenska, Sweden), Jens Pottebaum (Universität Paderborn, Germany), Bernard Van Veelen (Thales, The Netherlands)
  • The digital divide, inclusion and access for disabled people in IT Supported Emergency Response Systems: A UK and EU-based analysis, Catherine Easton (Lancaster University, UK)

Copies of all papers relating to the 2014 ELSI track can be found here.

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